Eilish – Chapter IV

The fight was exhausting, the Sage brutally attacked her, in the grip of madness and shame, Eilish, upset, was trying to protect herself, still restrained from the love for her mother. A flash of light almost stroke Eilish flank, splintering a crystal. That was, when her power exploded: the crystallized pain at her bodyโ€™s gems … More Eilish – Chapter IV

Eilish – Chapter I

Eilish, the half-elf, her impure blood originated from the Sage, the powerful elf elected as court’s sorceress. She can still remember, fixed in her childhood memories, the moment her mother abandoned her eminent role as Regent’s counselor to pursue her irrepressible need to travel among the Realms and reach for the answer. Eilish was with … More Eilish – Chapter I