Eilish – Chapter IV


The fight was exhausting, the Sage brutally attacked her, in the grip of madness and shame, Eilish, upset, was trying to protect herself, still restrained from the love for her mother. A flash of light almost stroke Eilish flank, splintering a crystal. That was, when her power exploded: the crystallized pain at her body’s gems blinded her, by now overwhelmed. She drew her mother, absorbing every drop of her power and leaving her helpless.

Mad for shame and jealousy, the Sage chose to take revenge for that humiliation, withdrew a knife from her dress’ sleeve and, looking into Eilish eyes, killed herself: “It’s your fault” she told her.

From that day forward, Eilish is still wandering in the Elsewhere’s more savage lands, alone, holding on her staff, walking slowly, bearing the weight of her crystals, of her power and of her guilt.

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