Eilish – Chapter II

The Sage could not accept having an impure descendant, having given life to a hybrid creature, not a perfect heir to her magic, but a form of life incapable of bearing all the burdens of knowledge. So, before coming back to the palace, she retired to the mountains willing to cast a spell on Eilish, trying hard to deprive her of humanity.

The cold penetrated through the child’s flesh, the shadows subjugated her body; the green of her eyes and the caramel of her hair were taken away from Eilish. It was magic, taking them away. Eilish woke up, her mother run towards her and, finally, with pride and love in her look, she hugged her and take her back to the court. The Sage taught the arcane arts to her daughter, who finally was pure, at last, silver haired and ice cold eyed little girl.

Her power was growing stronger and stronger, giving her dreams, dreams that became a memory and Eilish couldn’t live next to her mother anymore.


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