Rei – Chapter II

Rei is a traveller, moving from place to place, but she remains still in her time. She knows where she comes from and which new world she has just explored, but she doesn’t know whether it has happened before or after this very moment. It could have happened both now, or before, or after, all … More Rei – Chapter II

Rei – Chapter I

Rei is a musician indeed, but not an ordinary one. An Iliox one. The ability to mould her hang and tune it, in harmony with the waves of the light, runs in her own blood. Waves of light, not the mere sound ones, for such is her ancestors’ heritage. 42 different shades of light compose … More Rei – Chapter I

Geal – Chapter IV

In truth, the Trader had never left the city and the black market, sure enough, he had kept feeding it in a flawless way through his connection web and his most merciless activities such as the creatures traffic. Zembla told Geal that, thanks to her power, she could be able to save Amensya, certainly close … More Geal – Chapter IV

Geal – Chapter III

The Trader was alone as, beneath his coat, Geal was touching the hilt of his stiletto. The Trader asked him about his journey, looked him into his eyes and drank the potion of Zembla, the young sorceress. Then Geal twitched, the stiletto blade glided quick on the Trader’s chest, looking for his heart and penetrating … More Geal – Chapter III

Geal – Chapter II

It was in the day of his last mission, that he met, according to the Trader’s will, an adept devoted to the magical arts, a young woman well appreciated among the noble families. A  reputation built on collateral activities rather on arcane knowledge: how to distil a love potions, or poisoned ones, and furthermore, she … More Geal – Chapter II