A World without Pawns

Every board game tells a story. Not yours or the creator’s one, it doesn’t belong to one person only. The board game tells a story of an event more powerful than ever thought, where forces and desires are displayed, as there are even degrees of freedom deadened inside every one of us. Lots of people … More A World without Pawns

Athos – Chapter I

I’ve completely devoted myself to the study of this book, nonetheless I slowly proceed. The first part theoretically explains the Law of Transition. And then, the very core of the book, here they stand, forged in ink, the new laws holding the phenomena that come after the Event. Obscure is the last part for an … More Athos – Chapter I

Margai – Chapter II

Margai listened carefully to Shaman’s tales, stories exalting the past and each time described in a different way, telling how he witnessed the Change, but every time in contradiction with the previous ones.  He covered up his lies with more and more distressing and dark details, his purpose was to choke every desire of knowing … More Margai – Chapter II

Eilish – Chapter IV

The fight was exhausting, the Sage brutally attacked her, in the grip of madness and shame, Eilish, upset, was trying to protect herself, still restrained from the love for her mother. A flash of light almost stroke Eilish flank, splintering a crystal. That was, when her power exploded: the crystallized pain at her body’s gems … More Eilish – Chapter IV