Rei – Chapter II

Rei is a traveller, moving from place to place, but she remains still in her time. She knows where she comes from and which new world she has just explored, but she doesn’t know whether it has happened before or after this very moment.

It could have happened both now, or before, or after, all together. Wherever Rei is, she plays her melody and let her spheres vibrate in unison, letting her music of radiation resonate, the very sound of the life she created.

Her people are matter musicians, artists of thoughts and dancers of time,  the latter guardians of an unlimited wisdom . Everyone fulfils his role in the Iliox society and every singular technic is guarded and defended by those who practice it.

“Protect my world and its wisdom, from the fools who dare to compare themselves to the Iliox musicians: that’s why I am, I was and I always will be. Here. That’s all I need to truly understand the nature of this Creation”.



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