Rei – Chapter I

Rei is a musician indeed, but not an ordinary one. An Iliox one. The ability to mould her hang and tune it, in harmony with the waves of the light, runs in her own blood. Waves of light, not the mere sound ones, for such is her ancestors’ heritage. 42 different shades of light compose her melody.

She plays her hang as the waves capture energy and aggregate matter inside the instrument. The masses‘ shell crystallizes and traps the waves inside: it’s the very end of the process, Rei finally sets them free to levitate all around her.

Only the one who reaches these flying spheres may perceive or feel Rei’s music, the others may not: the melody remains silent without the touch. The spheres slowly fly up to the sky, higher and higher till they reach the space, increasing in their size: cooled shell the crust, light-melody’s core the magma, now shall a new planet be born. Their journey is over and the spheres can now rest, abandoning themselves along the orbit of the chosen stars.


Astonishment and confusion dull the holder and the perceiver’s mind, the melody overwhelms them as they’re grasping the sphere of light, by now unable to let it go. This, forced to contain itself, becomes so incandescent to melt with skin of the holder’s hand, and breaching the shell, pours waves of light’s plasma that now attacks the surrounding matter or even the body listening to the melody of the universe, restless to finally collapse in a finite form.

Rei, the Interstellar Bard




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