Pinch – Chapter II

happy thumb modThe moment came. That night the Shaman came along with the sprites and guided the cubs through the woods to the Core of the Forest. The Shaman stopped right in front of the Core and looked every one of them in the eyes, made a sign and started his demonstration. Each one of the cubs had shown his own ability, the one who was a furtive and swift like Pinch, the one who was an expert of the Forest and of her plants. Finally, the Shaman announced: “Today you have deserved the privilege to speak”.

That was the happiest day of his life. No more silence at last, no more boundaries.
During his childhood, all the cubs had to learn how to interact with the adults without speaking. The one who dared to utter any word wouldn’t be listened and his desires wouldn’t be fulfilled. The cubs had to learn to wait with patience, sometimes even alone for hours until an adult took care of them. And then they had to learn how to paint and carve. Watching carefully everything, without the possibility to ask, they learned the ability they preferred, always surrounded by that constant, oppressing silence. The symbols’ system with which the little statues were carved had been their only language for years, but now Pinch would be able to tell everything he had inside, finally beyond the limit of that block of lifeless wood.


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