Thiara – Chapter III


You are now in the valley of volcanos. Seek for a source of hot water and plenty drink from it, each day: this will keep your mind lucid. Incandescent lava rivulets descend from the mouth of the volcanos into the sources, follow their path and climb the mountains.

Burn your wings, the heat will activate the reflex of the muscles fascia necessary to move them.

By flying, your normal circulatory system will be welded to your new exterior lymphatic system, stranded to the incandescent structure of your wings. In this way, the fluids exchange begins: the reaction to the fire and the liquids transformations in vivo will merge into the tears you wear on your neck. They’re small vials where the obtained lymph is distilled: it’s a medicine to you, poison to others and if burned is an explosive. Use it for defence.

You can also control the direction of the reaction by inverting the flux. Once the poison is distilled you can still reintroduce it into the circulation and make it flow in your lymphatic system again, then burn your wings and fly upon the battlefield: the smokes of the combustion will make the air unbreathable and will enter into the weakest minds, perturbing and neutralizing them.

With love,

                                                                                                              The First of the Alchemists


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