Thiara – Chapter II

The council was upset indeed: for what reason, did you volunteer yourself to this, as you sensed with your clear perception the high level of risk? You shared not our ideals, different battles were in your eyes. You told me about your impotence facing the monstrosity of weapons: your efforts as healer couldn’t break the wall of horror standing upon the war. You used to operate in a tent in a desert land, you told me, with primitive instruments, really not understandable, yet charming, as it is everything about you. You wished to come back with a universal solution, a cure born from the very body of the wounded which regenerates the victim itself.

Despite what you have become, now it shan’t be wasted, especially in a war fought were the name of the Alchemists is unknown. Now here’s the perfect place for you to heal and gain strength.

You surely have understood the reason of my choice and I promise one day we’ll see each other again.

Now follow these instructions.



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