A World without Pawns

Every board game tells a story. Not yours or the creator’s one, it doesn’t belong to one person only. The board game tells a story of an event more powerful than ever thought, where forces and desires are displayed, as there are even degrees of freedom deadened inside every one of us.

Lots of people change during and after the Game.

This can happen in various moments:

  1. Abandon
    The Game is a different, irreverent, strange and temporary reality. It’s needed to enter without any will to come back.
  2. Complication
    As to play is harsh, to take part in a story is dramatic. Passion is required. Logic is not enough, duty is also needed. Beauty can help, but, to solve problems, is better when accompanied with a pinch of intuition and style. Complicated? No, complicated is the Research.
  3. Research (climax)
    Understand, choose, build and then assert his own role within the story.
    When a protagonist understands all of this, he also makes a real breakthrough. Give and receive, accept and desire, lose and achieve. Think, act, be always on the move.
  4. Resolution
    Sudden, cold and thrilling.
    One seeks moral, another success. There is one who can appreciate the goal, as well there is another whose desire is to recognise it.

There are times indeed when we feel alone in our defeat, and yet alone and together in our victory: Resolution makes you feel all of this and then leads you back to reality, with just little hints of habit.

Protagonists are finally back to their role of mere players and all that it was a few seconds ago is now apparently moved to the background.

It’s a wide world, and always will be as far as we have the will to move and extend it.

We are hosted and we know the importance of choosing our pawn.


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