Margai – Chapter II

Margai listened carefully to Shaman’s tales, stories exalting the past and each time described in a different way, telling how he witnessed the Change, but every time in contradiction with the previous ones.  He covered up his lies with more and more distressing and dark details, his purpose was to choke every desire of knowing further: Margai’s weaker companions revived those horrific tales every night, in their nightmares.

Shortly after have begun his training, Margai left the clan , disgusted by the incapacity of his community to see the truth behind the Shaman’s lies, and push himself near the borders of the Elsewhere. As he was rejected by his clan and stalked by the sprites, summoned by the Shaman  to hunt and stun Margai, he finally got closer to the energy waves, wrapping the Creation. Margai entrusted himself to them and let himself float in the waves.



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