Margai – Chapter I

Margai was born and raised in the Forest, its beauty and magic where home to him and his clan: the only life he knew, the incessant migration of his people among the borders between the Forest and the Elsewhere.

Every adult was a warrior, reared with the tribal rituals and loyal to the Shaman of their group, the very man who allowed the community to live in peace with the obscure secrets of the Forest and shared with them his memories as a witness of the Change.

During the time he was a whelp, too young for the brave’s hard training, he was educated with the little others by the Shaman, which guided them in long excursions in the Forest. Often the children stopped, and stared to the surroundings, admiring the traces of an unknown civilization, not yet absorbed by the Forest: some of the trees were showing metal splinters with still buzzing fluorescent capillaries, stuck into the cortex, already covered in mistletoe and moss, not entirely swallowed by the wood; the rocks were carved with incomprehensible signs, that the kids interpreted in their own way, creating new fantastical stories.


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