Perseo – Chapter II


Several creatures are believed to be born from the origin snake and also to have kept in their blood powers capable to go beyond the borders of nature, as hybrid creatures could easily focus those energies for in their bodies live two natures. These hideous monsters are still hiding in our own lands.

The Castel’s power stands only on these abominations: most of the independent cities have been destroyed and conquered thanks to the cursed creatures’ troops. Even my city had a similar fate: my power and my wife collapsed under those beasts’ strokes.

I’ve found them and got my revenge. I took the shield away from them, the same shield they offered me. Their commander claimed it could protect from enemies and, especially, from chaos. It was like she was insulting the memory of my own house. The shield shows the true reflection of reality, that is not distorted by its curved surface, in fact reality becomes clear and in order, offering the warrior a distinct vision of the past and of the forthcoming future.

I’m travelling, my shield returns my reflection in a nebulous way.

I’m travelling, taking with me the weapon with which my reign will be rebuilt: the head of a Gorgon.



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