Sibena – Chapter I

Once, there were nights, and it was in those nights that the Myth of Origins resounded, filling the air, just before the breaking of ranks.

“At the beginning all was one, and one was all; the word disparity was long to be spoken. And indeed light was dark, and dark was light. An only breathe, with no shape, that was Life. And Time did not flow, but permeated reality, so differently mutated as we perceive it nowadays : its dimension was the present contemplating the past and yet living its own possible futures, all of them. Time was not departing and Time was not needed, Time was forever.

Time became heavy and, to provide for his suffering, Life chose to wear different forms: creatures, animals, and plants were born to receive their own spark of Time ,living one of the possible futures, and only conserving one memory of the past. Time had become thin and fragile, and so Death finally chose to attack him, according to her atrocious purpose to feed upon the all and of the forever. But Time was elusive and Death perceived he had given all his whole to the Life’ creatures. For this She furiously turned against the living beings to chase and grasp them.

Willing to run away from Death, a snake, the most humble beneath the creatures, so easily forgotten for he was used to crawl in the dark and in the mud, chose to get rid of his old skin and began changing aspect . Sure Death would not have recognized him, and the fate of the snake was a long life in constant metamorphosis, consuming in peace his very own spark of Time.

Since then all of the creatures have taken the snake’s story as a precious memento”.


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