Perseo – Chapter I

Every night, before closing my eyes, the air was filled with the tale of the Elder Lane:

“At the beginning there was the All . Only one form had Life to preserve this infinite: an endless snake wrapping Time, crushing it with his coils. But then Death chose to act, beheading the viper. It wasn’t enough   for the snake grew two heads and tried again to wrap again on itself, its purpose was to trace with its own body the perfect circle to contain Time, to make it motionless. But the viper’s two heads were willing to pursue different paths, so they loosened their coils, and Time was finally free.

Death taught Time how to split and how to repeat itself, to begin and to end, by this it will be elusive and safe from new assaults. Without feeding upon of eternity, the snake who preserved the All, shattered into pieces and Life chose to wear different forms, shifting and mortal ones”.


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