Messy – Chapter I

Near the borders of the town, in the heart of the rundown Capital’s suburbs, Amensya was born. Between her and the city , actors of a society drowned into the decay and the shadow, strange and devious creatures were hiding in blighted hovels. The district indeed offers unequalled opportunities to unscrupulous men as sorcerers and charmers fallen in disgrace, or as easy to buy thieves and murderers: here the black market flourishes, also thanks to the forbidden weapon’s trade.

Years ago, Amensya was a strong, independent little girl , raised by his brother; she could always relate to him,  for he managed to escape from the District’s poisoned air and to join the Army. Her bright aura shone upon those dark streets and soon the Trader became aware of her presence and more and more interested in her.

He was the very soul of the black market, with him it was so alive and furnished that its name spread over the State. A name built on the creatures’ trade. No one’s children, no matter the race nor kind, fall into the Trader’s web, becoming victims of the sorcerers and healers’ magic, a spell used to increase the strength of any warrior willing to.


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