Messy – Chapter II


When, finally, the armed forced of the Capital discovered the healer’s laboratory, Amensya was found shocked, unable to bear new experiment, her body was just an exhausted, empty shell. The whole building was destroyed and set on fire.

Her brother took her with him and, once recovered, Amensya herself decided to join the army. During the time of her training, the girl started changing. As her physique grew stronger, her mind became weaker: her outbursts and desperation prevailed, she used to brutally attack her brother and to collapse onto the bed, worn out, for days and days.

One night Amensya exploded: her body unleashed all the energy, slowly insinuated inside her during the torture, and her mind just couldn’t control that anger and that power anymore. She cracked. Her brother was standing too close to her as she was releasing her new born power, but Amensya doesn’t remember what happened that night, in the dark, as she can’t recall who she was. All she knows is how to dominate her explosive instability.

She has no choice but one: to fight. Forever.


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