Geal – Chapter I

Within the district, there was one child worthy of attention, for he was the slyest and deftest among the children : this was Geal, and the black market was  his reign. Even when he was just a brat, he was already used to bargain with the peddlers, trying hard to sell his preys , the outcome from his hunt in the woods, and even some little jewels he managed to gather by stealing in the Capital’s fair.

He started to accept commissions for small robberies, managing to break into the houses of the Capital’s most powerful families, punctually delivering documents, jewelry and enchanted artifacts to the Trader, who generously payed Geal back for his services, not with money, but with clothes, food and a house where he could live with his little sister.

Geal knew how precious he was for that man and how the Trader was powerful, and still he can’t get out his head the idea of having contributed to the fall of Vox House, one of the strictly bond families to the Capital’s Court.


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