Geal – Chapter IV


In truth, the Trader had never left the city and the black market, sure enough, he had kept feeding it in a flawless way through his connection web and his most merciless activities such as the creatures traffic. Zembla told Geal that, thanks to her power, she could be able to save Amensya, certainly close to death, all she was asking back was his love and his very own shadow, a pledge to her for the eternity.

Geal refused, disgusted, and came back to the Capital determined to purify the city from the Trader’s traffic and and his army’s several missions were successful in this. When he was about to give up, without any hope, he finally managed to find Amensya.

He watched her growing stronger during her slow recover, and then came her nightmares, and so her outbursts, her hallucinations. Right when he was holding Amensya, trying to avoid her some self-hurting act during the one of her crises,  she killed him, unleashing her power.

Geal died and woke up: he was in Zembla’s mind, in her memory. He was inside her eyes watching him, cold and on the ground. It was the necromancer’s own breath giving strength to his weary mind, he was nothing but a spectre grasping to the rags of his old useless body.

Geal was back as a reflection, merely a mirror image of a fading spirit.

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