Geal – Chapter III

The Trader was alone as, beneath his coat, Geal was touching the hilt of his stiletto. The Trader asked him about his journey, looked him into his eyes and drank the potion of Zembla, the young sorceress. Then Geal twitched, the stiletto blade glided quick on the Trader’s chest, looking for his heart and penetrating into his thorax. Geal left the body lying on the floor and fled home: he entrusted a nanny with his sister and came back to the Capital, asking to be admitted to the military academy. Settled the training he would be able to return to the district and finally take Amensya with him. No one seemed to talk ever again about the Trader, but still the black market simply went on with prosperity as nothing was changed.

Finally Geal , in his licence period, came back to the district, ready to take Amensya away with him, but he found the house empty,  the nanny set on the floor, swinging back and forth, again back and forth. Her eyes were fixed on the floor as she was chanting ‘not dead, not dead, not dead’. It was then that Geal noticed Zembla standing right next to the nanny.

Zembla was a weak sorceress, a respected seer, but indeed a powerful necromancer. The essence she had distilled and sold to the Trader that day was the Fate’s Cure: whoever drinks it can cheat death, but only one time, in return loses his ability to speak, a price to pay for the mystery of death shall not be revealed.


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