Geal – Chapter II

It was in the day of his last mission, that he met, according to the Trader’s will, an adept devoted to the magical arts, a young woman well appreciated among the noble families. A  reputation built on collateral activities rather on arcane knowledge: how to distil a love potions, or poisoned ones, and furthermore, she was able to read the future and the fate of the most ambitious courtesans. Often had she practiced obscure rituals- they were obscure indeed, for their own existence was against nature – in the behalf of the most ancient Houses’ matrons, a peculiar art she had learnt from her mentor, dead long time ago.

The sorceress invited Geal to come forward, then gave him the essence for the Trader and decided to thank him by reading his fortune. Looking into the sorceress’ eyes, Geal saw his little sister Amensya while she was grasped by the Trader’s enormous and hooked hands, her sweet childish face horribly deformed and her body disfigured by burns on her temples and her arms.

Geal, was still furious and shaken when he came back to the district, delivered the essence and hesitated while he was standing in front of the man.


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